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Let’s Talk: The Lego Movie

All images © Warner Bros Pictures

All images © Warner Bros. Pictures

The Lego Movie has quickly become one of the biggest animated films to release this year. Critics love it, audiences love it. Heck, even I can’t praise this movie enough. The film’s humor and unique animation, along with a strong, touching story not only make it one of the best animated films this year, but one of the best films of the year in general.

The following articles discuss the film’s writing, production and animation.


Supervising Animator Chris McKay Talks ‘The LEGO Movie’

Animation World Network’s Dan Sarto interviews Chris McKay on his time as Supervising Animator for the film. McKay discusses the approach they took with the writing and animation of the film, along with the challenges they faced. It’s definitely worth a read.


Brick-by-brick: how Animal Logic crafted The LEGO Movie

Ian Failes from provides an in-depth look into how Animal Logic, the film’s animation studio, brought The Lego Movie to life. The article delves into the animation programs and techniques Animal Logic utilized for the animation, as well as how the limitations of the Lego mini figures influenced their approach to animating the film.


/Film Interview: Phil Lord and Chris Miller Discuss ‘The Lego Movie’ Spoilers

In this interview, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller discuss how the writing, plot, and cameos in the film all came together. As the title states, the interview contains major spoilers.


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